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Amplitube™ PCR 8 or 12 Tube and Cap Strips

Natural polypropylene reaction strips are 8 or 12 PCR tubes (0.2 mL) in an attached format that are easier to handle than single tubes. Strips have standard well-to-well spacing for use with 8- and 12- channel pipettors. Tube strips come with or without attached caps. Non-attached dome or flat-top cap strips are sold separately.

Tube Strips

  • Ultra-thin wall for optimal heat transfer—reduces PCR reaction times
  • Positive sealing caps prevent evaporation during thermal cycling
  • Strips can be cut into individual tubes
  • Available with attached flat or dome caps, or without caps

Cap Strips

  • Compatible with 96-well PCR plates and tube strips
  • Secure seal prevents evaporation during thermal cycling and cold storage
  • Dome cap maximizes contact with heated cycler lid
  • Ultra-clear flat cap is ideal for QPCR and fluorescence detection
  • Flat cap is needle pierceable and surface allows sample labeling

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670 012 PCR 8-Tube Strips with Domed Cap Strip 0.2mL - 125/case $146.66 $85.72/Case $60.94 (42%)
670 015 8-Flat Cap Strips 0.2mL - 125/case $22.62 $14.68/Case $7.94 (35%)