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Handheld UV Lamp

These Handheld UV Lamps provides UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm. The UV lamps represent a technical innovation in the evolutionary process of UV lamps, with a unique built-in position device which automatically protects operators from exposure to UV radiation.

Unit uses 12V rechargeable batteries and includes a charger (100~240VAC, 50/60Hz). A fully charged the unit can sustain 3 hours of continuous use or approximately 500 intermittent uses.

  • Reliable components, high UV intensity.
  • Portable, light weight, and ergonomically designed.
  • Single or dual wavelength.
  • Unique automatic safety switch to prevent harmful UV radiation exposure when unit is turned upside down.

Purchase Items

Catalog # Description List Price Your Price You Save Quantity
750 000 Handheld UV Light - Wavelength 254nm UV Window Size15050mm $289.00 $157.59/Each $131.41 (45%)
750 001 Handheld UV Light - Wavelength 365nm UV Window Size15050mm $289.00 $157.59/Eacg $131.41 (45%)
750 002 Handheld UV Light - Wavelength 365nm & 254nm UV Window Size15050mm $289.00 $157.59/Each $131.41 (45%)