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Fresh-Mix Bleach Dilution System

The Fresh-Mix sprayer bottle automatically mixes a precise 1:10 bleach solution every time you squeeze the trigger! It works by keeping the water and the bleach in separate containers until the time of use. Each bleach cartridge contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and requires filling the water bottle nine times.

  • A fresh 10% dilution every time
  • Pre-calibrated sprayer valve ensures a 5000 ppm dilution of bleach and water
  • No pre-mixing and discarding unused pre-mixed solutions
  • Only available in the USA-EPA registered (#75266-1)
  • Does not kill C. Difficile spores
  • Sprayer bottle and bleach cartridge sold separately below

Purchase Items

Catalog # Description List Price Your Price You Save Quantity
910 000 Fresh-Mix Sprayer Bottle - 1/each $31.33 $24.54/Each $6.79 (22%)
910 001 Bleach Cartridge Refills, 11 oz - 1/each $31.33 $2.81/Each $28.52 (91%)
920 000 DR NAse Decontaminant 750mL - 1/each $35.77 $14.95/Each $20.82 (58%)