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Disposable Mini Pipettes

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Mini polystyrene pipettes measure 9" and are ideal for use where space is limited such as laminar hoods.

  • Uniform mouth piece fits all major pipettors
  • Filter plug prevents overfilling and eliminates lint fibers
  • Made from transparent medical grade polystyrene sterilized by gamma irradiation and pyrogen free
  • Each lot tested for endotoxins, cytotoxicity, and are guaranteed non-hemolytic
  • Color coded TD rings for ease of identification
  • Pipettes with 1.1-mL capacity meet the A.P.H.A. standards for the examination of dairy products
  • Color-coded dispenser box with a universal stacking design, allows pipette removal without opening top
  • Supplied individually wrapped in easy-to-open, fiber-free paper and plastic combination or in bulk

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203 050 Mini Pipettes, 5mL, 0.1 Graduation, Blue Ring 200/Case $95.83 $45.18/Case $50.65 (53%)
203 100 Mini Pipettes, 10mL, 0.1 Graduation, Orange Ring 150/Case $77.44 $33.59/Case $43.85 (57%)
203 250 Mini Pipettes, 25mL, 0.2 Graduation, Green Ring 100/Case $113.21 $55.60/Case $57.61 (51%)