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12-Channel Pipetting Basins

Use this basin for serial dilutions or pipetting different reagents that use a 12-channel pipettor. Made from virgin polypropylene and withstands temperatures from 80 to 121C.

  • Each chamber holds up to 5mL and is V shaped to facilitate complete sample withdrawal
  • Numbered chambers ensure accurate sample reference
  • Includes a tight fitting lid to minimize evaporation or contamination during incubation or storage
  • Individually wrapped in easy open bags

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603 134 12 channel Pipette Basin, Non-sterile - 50/case $165.77 $51.98/Case $113.79 (69%)
603 135 12 channel Pipette Basin, Sterile - 20/case $95.81 $31.91/Case $63.90 (67%)